Elecrow Acrylic Laser Cutting Service

Elecrow Acrylic Laser Cutting Service – http://www.elecrow.com/5pcs-acrylic-laser-cutting-service-p-1425.html

Basically you get 5 pcs of 10x10cm Acrylic laser cut into any shapes you want for $5. Larger sizes are available for additional cost. Standard thickness is 2.5mm for transparent clear, transparent colours, and solid colours. You can custom request different thicknesses for transparent clear only. Larger thicknesses will attract additional cost but my 2mm order was the same price.

To test out the service I knocked up a quick case for a project I have in mind that uses a PIR sensor. Its a 45x45mm rounded square case with a cutout in the top for the PIR sensor dome. Standard 2.5mm transparent clear. I manages to fit 2 copies of the top and bottom onto a single 10x10cm “panel”. Using CAMBAM to design and export as a DXF in mm.


Note that I added some M3 sized spacers/washers to the centre waste cutout. I wasn’t sure if these would end up making it through but they did.


They basically sent me all of the offcuts (including the centre “button” waste pieces). I haven’t counted if they are all there in the bag, but there’s a few other pieces in there not from my project. I’m just happy they made an effort to send me as many as they could collect 🙂

Note that they leave the backing on, which is a pain in the butt to get off the small spacers. Possibly soaking it in some soapy water would help?

The other project I had done was some tray dividers. I managed to score about 200 Treston plastic parts trays from Element 14 for like 30c each. They stack on top of each other and fit great on my workspace shelves. However, they are far too big for small parts so I wanted some dividers. Measuring the dimensions with a cheap digital caliper made the design pretty easy. I accounted for the triangular ridges at the bottom of the tray as well as the little plastic notches in the divider guides. The guides required the use of 2mm acrylic, which Elecrow accommodated with ease. I just left a note in a txt file with the DXF and in the order comments when checking out. I ordered the 20x20cm option with 18 dividers per panel for a total of 90. Total cost including shipping to Australia was $28.92USD.


DXF above and final result below:


Delivery using the standard Registered Airmail option was reasonable – about what you expect for Airmail. Both orders arrived just under a month from order date, so <30days including production and handling time is pretty good for the price.


All up, I can highly recommend Elecrow’s Acrylic Laser Cutting service. The results are perfect and the price is pretty damn good.

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