1. Hi David, I’m a fan of your work!
    Have you used Espressif’s Development Board? I can get everything to work but the MOSI pin for SPI Master Mode. As per my scope the SPI clock and CS lines behave as expected, but no signal appears on Pin 13! I have tried the default SPI libraries / setup with the Arduino platform port, and I’ve also tried using Espressif’s library and yours using the toolchain Espressif distributes. Everything works but that one pin. After calling spi_init() it goes low and doesn’t budge. I am about to embark on learning all of the control registers to get to the bottom of this, but as you have already mastered them I though you might have a clue. Thanks!


    • Hello Martin,
      It seems like it is because of a capacitor added to that pin. It is grinding the signals on the ESP-LAUNCHER. I’ll verify that with a scope soon… let’s see what the cause is. Same issue here.

  2. Espressif’s ESP8266 is available as a low lost development board from several manufacturers. I have had good luck with LoLin NodeMCU V3 and Amica NodeMCU 1.0. It might be a good alternative to the Espressif ESP8266 developoment board for thos who may still be having trouble for it. Check out the ESP8266 community on GiTHub…https://github.com/esp8266

    I’m playing with the DoIt/SmartArduino EMW3165 WiFiMCU development board as well. That board seels for like 10 or 11 US$ (about 60 RMB here in China), It looks to be an interesting alternative to the ESP8266, though not as cheap. There seems to be two lines of firmware development for this board: DoIt/SmartArduino and the Open Software Community (http://www.emw3165.com). DoIt offers a newbie development environment called WiFiMCU Studio (lacks a text editor, so use your favorite) the ‘Studio’ seems available for WindowPCs only. The LoBo (open S/W community) firmware does not include an IDE but Lua appications can be developed easily enough using your favorite text editor and terminal emulator program.No progress seen yet toward a EMW3165 Core for Arduino IDE, though it has been suggested. Maybe something I have mentioned here will pick your interest.

  3. Hello.

    Im starting working now with esp8266 and i have one question. With this module, can i send data over Wi-Fi using SPI? And onnly strings, at comands not, right?

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