MX Chip EMW3165 – An ESP8266 Alternative?

Highlighted as an “ESP8266 Killer” in this Hackaday post, the EMW3165 is an IoT wireless solution with an onboard STM32F4 ARM Coretex M4 microcontroller and a separate wifi SoC that handles all the network transmission. That wifi SoC is the Broadcom bcm43362 which is commonly used with their WiCED SDK. At $8USD per module, it’s quite a bit more expensive than the $3 ESP8266 modules available, but appears to have a fair bit more available GPIO and hardware peripherals. Could be good for some larger projects where you would need to augment the ESP8266 with additional external hardware.

I’ve ordered a couple of modules and the development board from Seeed Studios for further investigation…

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