1. Hi David,

    I read a couple of your posts** mentioning your sunbeam BT2600 reflow oven, in 2011 and 2012. I am looking for a suitable oven (in Australia), to build one of these http://whizoo.com/reflowoven , and I identified the BT2600 as a plausible candidate. But I am a bit worried after reading some negative reviews (e.g. the handle melting). I could replace the handle (maybe some Al extrusion),Hi David,
    but I don’t want the elements to fail quickly.

    How have you found it over the long term ? Would you still use this model ?



    • My handle doesn’t even get that hot. Maybe if I baked pizzas in it all day or something. For reflowing PCBs it’s more than fine.

  2. Looks like someone stole a couple of your photos to use in their AliExpress listing:


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